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Medium Wigs

Medium wigs might seem nothing special, but they have a charm of their own. Shoulder-length hair can work with any style so it makes sense to have a medium length wig if you want one that you can style however you like. It also works as a great way to get you over a bad hair day since medium wigs are easier to wear and style on short notice.

Alternatively, you might be feeling something different from your long hair or short hair and a single medium wig will be the only one that you need in your wardrobe to switch things up.

Lastly, if you are new to wearing wigs, a medium wig is a great way to get started. If you are used to having long hair or short hair, medium hair length is not a drastic switch from what you are used to.

It also has more style options available compared to other wig hair lengths.

Here at Cheryl’s Mane Attraction, we have a variety of medium length wigs available in our collection. You can find one that suits your budget whether you are looking for a medium length wig made out of human hair, synthetic fibers, or a combination of materials. Visit our shop now at

Get A Wig That You Can Style Anyway You Want

Medium-length hair has great flexibility when it comes to styling it. This is the same for medium length wigs. Of course, you cannot style any wig since not all wigs have the material for it. This is why you need to be mindful of the material if you will buy a medium wig and intend to style it in different ways.

In Cheryl’s Mane Attraction, you can get a wig that you can style with our monofilament and lace front wigs since these are easier to style in a variety of ways. We recommend our heat-safe synthetic fiber and Remy human hair wigs.

Get Over A Bad Hair Day With a Medium Hair Wig

There are days when whatever you do with your hair would just not work. It might be due to the weather, you might be due for a haircut, or your hair is just dry because of that shampoo you tried out. Whatever the case may be, you need to do something about it or have that hair when you go out for your day.

It is times like these that you wish you had a wig handy in your wardrobe. We recommend our medium hair wigs with basic or lace front construction made of monofilament material. A medium hair wig will not provide a drastic change to your look whether you have long or short hair. These types of wigs are also comfortable to wear since they would not feel hot on your scalp.

Get A Different Look Without Cutting Or Coloring Your Hair

Wigs are a great way to save on salon visits. It can give you a different look without the need to cut or dye your hair. Medium wigs are a great option if you can only afford a single wig for your wardrobe. It is a great way to change your look whether you have long or short hair. We recommend our lace front medium length wigs since these let you style the wig any way you want while also allowing your hair to breathe.

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