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Do you want to show off your fiery personality? Maybe, you want something daring for the occasion. You might simply want something different for the day or it might be the perfect season for such a color. Whatever your reason may be, you will find the perfect red hair wig for you!

With our red hair wigs at Cheryl’s Mane Attraction, you do not need to be part of the lucky 2 percent with natural red hair to be a redhead. Put on one of our wigs and you will make everyone’s heads turn! You can pick any shade of red from strawberry blonde to the deepest shade of burgundy. We also have options for different undertones so you can expect a versatile selection of light to dark red wigs.

You will be spoiled for choices with the different hairstyles and wigs that we have available! You can choose from short pixie cut wigs, shoulder-length bob wigs, and long luscious wigs. You will find the perfect wig for you, whether you want Remy red wigs, human hair wigs, or synthetic hair wigs.

You can expect great quality and fashionable wigs from Cheryl’s Mane Attraction. We have high-quality wigs made by Jon Renau, Ellen Wille, and Raquel Welch. Best of all, we are dedicated to serving you as our customer!

100% Genuine Human Hair Wigs

Envy Wigs Human Hair Collection boasts a selection process that ensures every strand that makes up their real human hair wigs are the best of quality. Envy’s expert team ensures that every strand passes its standards for color richness, texture, body, and health. This results in high-quality wigs that can be styled just like real human hair.

EnvyHair Wigs

EnvyHair is their exclusive collection that combines real human hair and Kanekalon fibers in constructing the wig. This gives the wearer the look, feel, and style of real human hair at less than half the price of human hair wigs. EnvyHair wigs are available in the mono top, capless, and fully hand-tied construction.

Synthetic Wigs

Envy Wigs’ ready-to-wear synthetic wigs are only made of the finest Kanekalon fibers. This material is known for holding its shade, shape, and shine. Envy synthetic wigs can be trimmed and shaped just like natural hair so you can have your wig to your exact specifications.

When wearing an Envy wig, you will forget that you are wearing one since it is so comfortable. You will have several style choices and you will find the shade that matches your complexion from the Envy Wigs color chart. Visit us at and get an Envy wig today.

Available In Different Cuts, Styles, and Construction

Envy Wigs offers a variety of wigs including basic, capless, open-top, lace front, mono top, lace front mono top, lace front mono part, hand-tied, and mono part. They also offer various cuts and styles like bob, pixie, lob, shag, layered, wedge, and tapered back. Their wigs are available in average, large, and petite sizes so you will find a wig in your size.

Available in Different Combinations of 25 Different Shades

You can get an Envy wig combining colors from at least two of 25 different shades. These shades are categorized in basic, highlighted, and rooted colors to make wigs look exactly like the real thing. Here are the colors available for each category according to the Envy Wigs color chart:

Basic colors

Highlighted colors

Rooted colors

Envy combines these colors to make the most natural-looking wigs that you can find on the market. These colors are available in Envy Wigs Human Hair Collection, their trademarked EnvyHair collection, and the synthetic fiber collection.

The best way to understand these colors and find the best color for you is to consult our customer service representatives at Cheryl’s Mane Attraction. Contact us now and we can help you find the right match from the Envy Wigs color chart.

Visit Our Online Store and Get Your Envy Wig Today!

Here at Cheryl’s Mane Attraction, you can find the right Envy wig for you. We have everything from their Envy Wigs Human Hair Collection, their EnvyHair Collection, and synthetic fiber collection. Visit us at today!

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